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Wilson County K-8 School Counselors Mission Statement

The mission of our School Counseling program is to deliver comprehensive, differentiated, and data-driven services to reach all students, which allows students to attain skills and fosters necessary attitudes for academic, career, and social emotional success.

Gladeville Middle School School Counseling Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Gladeville Middle School Counseling Program is to provide students with the academic, career, and social/emotional tools necessary to develop into confident and compassionate citizens. The school counseling program delivers these tools through intentional, individualized, evidence-based, and data-driven activities and interventions aimed at helping students find academic, professional, and personal success now and in the future.

Our Vision

Wilson County K-8 School Counselors Vision Statement

The vision of the Wilson County K-8 School Counseling program is to support a school climate in which each student is valued and their development needs are considered whilst providing an opportunity to learn in a safe environment. The K-8 School Counselor shall manage their School Counseling program and services by using data to make informed decisions and follow ethical practices.

Gladeville Middle School Counseling Program Vision Statement

The vision of the Gladeville Middle School Counseling Program is for all students to know and embrace their own value and worth, and become excellent members of their communities. As a result of participation in the school counseling program, students will demonstrate strong academic, career, and social/emotional skills that allow them to be productive, compassionate adults with strong interpersonal skills who reach their fullest potential.

Our Beliefs

The Gladeville Middle School counselors believe:

  • All students have dignity and deserve respect.
  • All students are capable of learning and becoming productive adults.
  • All students have individual learning needs and styles.
  • All students’ differences in regards to ethnicity, race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation should be respected, and all students should feel included in the school community regardless of these or other differences.
  • All students deserve to learn in a safe and nurturing high-quality environment.
  • All students should have access to a comprehensive school counseling program administered by a full-time, state-certified, master’s-degree-level school counselor.
  • The school counselor should serve as a leader and collaborator in assessing students’ barriers to learning and developing strategies to help students find success.
  • The school counselor should use data to design, implement, evaluate, and continuously improve the comprehensive school counseling program.
  • The school counselor should be familiar with and abide by the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors.



Katie Lozano - Counseling Secretary

Katy Mosley – 6th Grade Counselor

Hannah Keller – 7th Grade Counselor

Amy Grant - 8th Grade Counselor





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